Pamela Queen

artist. designer.

“crazy flamingo lady”

I’m one of those “creatives.”  Easily distracted by shiny objects!  I want to know how to do all the things.  From paper-crafting to clay to bedazzling; I love mixed media projects that combine bits and techniques – often called “Altered Art.”  

I work primarily with fused glass, wire, and polymer clay.   As a mom of boys, I find inspiration in color,  noise(!), and flamingos!

Studio Closeup

Flamingo Blingo strives to encourage creativity.

Our studio develops projects and tutorials for artists and crafters.  We curate kits and supplies and, as soon as our move is finalized, will be offering in-person classes.  Our glass studio is System 96.

Flamingo Blingo is located in Texas.  We’re not as close as we’d like to be to the flamingos, but we make up for it with plenty of plastic livestock!